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Nickelback’s Kurt Cobain Tribute Song Released In AI

DesperateTimes.com has just released a new fictional tribute song commemorating the 30th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s passing. Titled “Legacy of a Legend,” the track was created using Suno AI technology, featuring a lead vocal generated through voice cloning. It’s worth mentioning that neither Chad Kroeger nor Nickelback participated in or lent their talents to the production of the song. A …

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Nickelback & Korn Got Government COVID Payments

It has come to light that the music megastars including Post Malone, Chris Brown, LeAnn Rimes and Nickelback reportedly received millions of dollars from a taxpayer-funded program intended to help venues and musicians struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic via Daily Mail. The Shuttered Venue Operators Grant that was introduced in 2021, was operated through the Small Business Administration (SBA) and …

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