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Motley Crue Producer Liked Grunge Killing Hair Metal

In the glitzy heyday of ’80s hair metal, producer Tom Werman played a pivotal role in crafting the sonic landscape of bands like Mötley Crüe, Poison, and Dokken. However, in a recent conversation with “Classic Album Review,” Werman candidly expressed his growing concern about the creeping “sameness” that enveloped the genre he helped shape. Werman, known for his involvement in …

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Pearl Jam Member Announces Sub Pop Concert

Seattle’s iconic Moore Theatre is about to witness the magic as the SMASH Benefit returns this fall, and this year, it’s all about celebrating the legendary Sub Pop Records. Heralded as “one of Seattle’s best new concert traditions” by the Seattle Times, the SMASH Benefit is not just a musical extravaganza but a sell-out event with a heartwarming cause – …

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Limp Bizkit Were A Grunge Band All Along

Limp Bizkit are a band that are kind of hard to group into a fitting genre. Sure, we can be easy and call it Alternative, because let’s face it – anything can and will be called Alternative when there are no genre ideas at that moment in time. It’s an easy out. No one really disagrees with it either. More …

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