Lizzy Hale Reveals Truth About James Hetfield

In a recent interview with Primordial Radio, Halestorm’s powerhouse vocalist, Lzzy Hale, delved into the exhilarating experience of playing right before Metallica at this year’s Download Festival. Expressing her excitement, she emphasized the significance of sharing the stage with one of the biggest names in rock. However, what added an unexpected layer to the performance was the revelation that James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich of Metallica were watching Halestorm’s set.

Amid the discussion about the band’s monumental moment, Hale disclosed that she was blissfully unaware of Metallica’s presence until after the performance. She expressed gratitude to her roadie crew for withholding this information until the opportune moment, stating, “I’m glad I didn’t know that, thank you for not telling me that until after.”

“We’re playing before Metallica; some of our roadie guys were like, ‘Hey, did you know that James and Lars are watching your set?’ And I’m like, ‘I did not know that, and I’m glad I didn’t know that, thank you for not telling me that until after.’”

Reflecting on the aspiration to headline the Download Festival, Hale acknowledged the immense pressure that comes with such a role but emphasized that it would undoubtedly be a monumental achievement. With a humble and determined spirit, she conveyed the perpetual nature of chasing dreams, noting how the bucket list evolves as accomplishments are checked off and new aspirations emerge.

“Regardless of how much pressure that is, that will definitely be a monumental part. You never run out of your dreams. It’s like you keep crossing some stuff from the bucket list, and then new things keep adding themselves to the bottom.”

Despite the excitement of performing before Metallica and the ambition to headline festivals, Halestorm remains committed to their music. Following the conclusion of their 2023 European tour with Black Veil Brides, the band has plans to return to the studio for the potential creation of a new album. When questioned about their post-tour agenda, Hale revealed that they already have more tours lined up, coupled with an ongoing process of writing new material. Balancing their time between touring and creative endeavors, the band aims to assemble their next musical endeavor during the intervals.

Looking ahead, after the completion of the upcoming record, Halestorm anticipates hitting the road once again, with a summer tour slated for the following year. While specific details about the tour are yet to be unveiled, the band’s commitment to continuous creativity and live performances remains a cornerstone of their musical journey.

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